About face!

I started working with polymer clay when I was 14, making dragons and castles and stuff. My parents owned a craft store, so I got all the free clay I wanted.

But I have ADHD, so I quickly went on to start 257.3 other hobbies. Sometimes I would return to my sculptures and make a few more dragons, but I never seemed to find a niche. I mean, who wants 3D cartoon dragons?

Then one day, I moved to Greenwood. I finally lived in the Big City, and decided to take advantage of this fact by checking out all the shops within walking distance.

Innocently, I wandered into a store called Plastic Passion and was blown away. They had figures which were "cute and wrong", simple, colorful, chibi, anime, comic-book, bloody, retro-sci-fi, urban, all rolled into one. Uglydolls, Kubricks, Dunny, Scary Girl. I became obsessed. I suddenly found a niche for my form of art.

My dragons weren't quite right. They were cute, but not wrong. So I went home and made Little Red Riding Hood, with an attitude and a knife. Then I made some space monsters. Then a robot and a tenticle. I was hooked.


Under duress and torture, I admit -- I can't draw. But you didn't care, anyway.