WTF is going on?


I'm sorry, please be more specific.

I mean, what is this stuff?

My art is inspired by comics, cartoons, and a cute little inner-demon named Nancy. It is also strongly influenced by the designer toy and urban vinyl scene. The spirit of designer toys throbs with the cute and wrong. Smoking bunnies and pandas with chainsaws abound. Viewing these objects has freed my mind from the constrictions of society. There are other people out there who "get it". If Mori Chack can sell a mass-produced teddy bear with blood on its paws, then maybe someone out there wants a hand-made Bande-Ade Bear or Bonsai Poodle.

What is it made out of?

Polymer clay. Mostly I use Sculpey III and Premo!, but sometimes I require a little eye of newt and the souls of small children.

I still don't get it.

Then please go here:

I like to eat toys. Are these poisonous?

My art is not actually poisonous, however it contains absolutely no nutritional content or flavorings, natural or otherwise.

*May contain traces of blood.

One of my eyeballs fell out. What should I do?

You're weird.

Where can I get this stuff?

My objects are available at fine galleries all Seattle. Well, actually right now, just at one place, Plastic Passion. Please visit them and say "Hi" because they're really nice.

Can I buy stuff off your website?


Why not?

Because I don't have a merchant account thingy or a shopping cart programmy thingy. I also don't have any rocket ships to deliver it to you, or packaging monster to pack it up.

However, if you ask Plastic Passion real nicely, they might send you something.

I have an idea for a work of art. Will you make it for me?

Yes, probably, if you promise to buy it. However, custom art will cost you extra because it's more difficult for me to make some else's vision. Plus Nancy is a member of the Demonic Muse Union, and might report me if I don't use her services exclusively.

I'll probably charge by the hour or something, so contact me and we'll work something out.